web.py 0.35发布


  • Better ThreaedDict implementation using threadlocal (tx Ben Hoyt)
  • Make Form a new-style class — #53
  • Optimized SQLQuery.join and generation of multiple_insert query — #58
  • New: support for Amazon’s Simple Email Service
  • Added httponly keyword to setcookie (tx Justin Davis)
  • Added httponly only option to sessions and enabled it by default (tx Justin Davis)
  • made htmlquote and htmlunquote work with unicode
  • Added doseq support for web.url
  • New flag web.config.debug_sql to control printing of db queries (tx Nimrod S. Kerrett)
  • Fixed inserting default values into MySQL — #49
  • Fixed rendering of Dropdown with mutliple values (tx krowbar) — #43
  • Fixed mutliple set-cookie header issue with session — #45
  • Fixed error in safeunicode when used with appengine datastore objects
  • Fixed unicode error in generating debugerror — #26
  • Fixed GAE compilation issue — #24
  • Fixed unicode encoding issue in templates — #17
  • Fixed a bug in form.RadioButton when called with tuple options (tx fhsm) — #13
  • Fixed error in creating PostgresDB with pgdb driver (tx cninucci) — #23
  • Support auto convertion of timestamp/date datatypes in sqlite to datetime.data objects — #22
  • Fixed escaping issue on GAE — #10
  • fixed form.validates for checkbox (tx Justin Davis).
  • fixed duplicate content-type in web.sendmail — #20
  • Fix: create session dirs if required (tx Martin Marcher)
  • Fixed safestr to make use of encoding argument (tx s7v7nislands)
  • Don’t allow /static/../foo urls in dev webserver (tx Arnar Lundesgaard)
  • Disabled debug mode in flup server (tx irrelative) — #35
  • And a lot of unicode fixes


  • 表单使用新的样式
  • cookie增加httponly
  • 修复模版中unicode编码问题
  • 修复很多unicode问题
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